GoodRich MAGMA Industrial Technologies Limited is a public limited company based at Bangalore, India, engaged in providing technologies/ plants/ consultancy services in the following areas:

  1. Bleached CTMP Pulp / Paper Unit based on bagasse / cotton straw / wood.

  2. Particle Board Plant based on bagasse / wood.

  3. MDF (Medium Density Fibre) Board Plants based on bagasse / wood / cotton stalks / straw etc.

  4. Furfural from Bagasse Pith / Corn Cobs.

  5. Xylose / Xylite from Bagasse.

  6. Fodder making plant from sugarcane top leaves.

  7. Industrial grade wax and feed supplement making plant from sugarcane press mud.

  8. L-lysine from sugarcane molasses / secondary juice / corn starch.

  9. Citric acid from molasses / secondary juice / corn starch.

  10. Mono - sodium glutamate (MSG) from molasses / secondary juice / corn starch.

  11. Co-generation of electricity and steam/ independent power generation from sugarcane bagasse and trash.

  12. Miscellaneous projects

    1. - Corn starch / glucose making plant.

      - Frozen French Fries making plant.

      - Vaccum Freeze Drying plant.

      - CWS (coat water-slurry) making plant.

      - Float glass production line.

      - Tyre recycling plant.

      - Polyester staple fiber (PSF) production line.

      - Omega-3 fatty acids making plant.

      - Tocopherol (E) and Sterol (D2)  recovery plants.

      - Bio-diesel plant.

      - Glycerine recovery plants.

2006 GoodRich Sugar 
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