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Lysine is one of the essential amino acids, supplemented to the foods and feeds to improve their protein quality. There is a big market for Lysine from the poultry, cattle, swine and prawn feed manufacturers. Lysine is also used in pharmaceuticals & in nutritional foods/ child-feeding programmes. Lysine is produced by fermentation from molasses or starch.

Lysine is totally imported into India at present by the Feed manufacturers, especially by the poultry and shrimp industry.

Lysine is a kind of amino acid necessary for growing human beings and animals. As cereals (corn,oat, sorgum, wheat, barley etc.) have low Lysine content, they should be supplemented by various high grade proteinogens such as fish protein or soyabean protein. A proper proportion of lysine added to cereals can substitute high grade proteinogens. Further, if Lysine is added to low grade proteinogens (peanuts, sesame, sunflower etc.), their nutritional characteristics can be improved to match with high grade proteinogens.

Molecular formula
Molecular weight
Technical L-lysine
 Light brown powder,odourless or with a special odour
Crystalline L-lysine
 White or light yellow crystalline powder, well soluble in water with 98.5% L-lysine.

Lysine is an amino acid classified as essential. It is essential in human nutrition and is not synthesized by the human body.

Product Applications

L- Lysine is an amino acid, normally used in pig and poultry feed. L-Lysine is also used in large quanties in pharmaceutical industry for the production of various pharmaceutical derivatives.

L- Lysine is one of the most important of the essential amino acids in mamlian growth. It is used in food enrichment. Supplementation of wheat based foods with Lysine improve their quality and results in improved growth and tissue synthesis.

When used in animal feed additive, it helps to improve the amino acid balance of the feed components, thereby promoting animal growth and improving meat quality.

Plant products, particularly cereal grains like corn, wheat and rice are usually low in Lysine. Because of Lysine deficiency, these grain proteins are of poorer quality than animal derived proteins, which contain higher levels of Lysine.


As most animal feed rations are based on maize and other grains, supplementaing the feedstuffs with Lysine significantly improve the nutritional value for breeding poultry and pigs.

Recommended use of L-Lysine

Of the 22 amino acids used by the animal�s body to synthesize protein, Lysine is the most essential. It is especially necessary for young animals to achieve maximum growth.

The main ingredients of animal feed are corn and soyabeen meal. However, when the price of soyabean meal rises, feed manufacturers can substitute corn or other ingredients fortified with Lysine and other essential amino acids. Even otherwise, Lysine is used as a supplement in all the feed formulations.

The animal feed is supplemented with the first limiting amino acid and rather than adding extra protein to compensate for the decline in feed intake caused by heat stress. This will give a better amino acid balance and reduce the heat increment of the diet. The pigs & poultry increase feed intake and maintain an improved rate of growth, thus convert feed more efficiently.

Raw Material Requirement-

Basis :

1 tonne of L-Lysine

����� -������

Cane Molasses (50% glucose�� content)






6.05 tonnes

����� -

Liquid ammonia


0.8 tonne

����� -�������

Hydrochloric Acid 




1.42 tonnes

����� -

Other chemicals 


0.26 tonne

GoodRich offers Lysine technology based on molasses/secondary juice from China, with a capacity upto 10,000 tons per year.

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