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The market pulp business is dominatedby 5 competing countries, Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland and Norway, which are called Nordic group.70% of the annualworld sales of pulp is met by these countries,in which Canada alone has a share of 25% in the global market.

Bleached CTMP(Chemi-thermo mechanical pulp) is imported into India in large quantities.Only 4 paper mills in India have the facilities to make CTMP, while other mills have resorted to expensive and environmentally pollutant pulping methods like craft pulp / semi-chemical pulp, chemical pulp etc.

All ligno-cellulose materials contain cellulose fibres, which are bound together with a glue-like binder called lignin. The main task in the manufacture of CTMP pulp is to separate the Cellulosic fibres from lignin by Pressurized Refiner or De-fibrator. In the refiner system, two disc- shaped rough surfaces rotate in opposite direction. Due to this high speed rotation in opposite direction, the fibres are torn apart.  Subsequently, the pulp can be dried in a flash tube drier and baled / screened, thickened & sheeted, to supply market pulp to the paper mills.                

India imports 2 3 lakh tons of CTMP/BCTMP at high prices of USD 450-550 per ton.


GoodRich offers CTMP/Bleached CTMP plants in the capacities of 50 tons per day/75 tons per day /150 tons per day from China & 300 tons per day/ 600 tons per day from Europe. The pay-back period on the entire project is less than 3 years.

GoodRich also offers TMP(Thermo-mechanical pulp) Plants in large capacities from 100 tons to 300 tons per day.Though TMP is not traded now-a-days, it is a very promising raw material to make craft/packaging papers from virgin wood / cotton stalks.

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