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Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF) is widely used in textiles, in pillow covers and in bedspreads, replacing conventional cotton fibre. They are becoming popular day-by-day.

Demand for PSF has been increasing at a faster rate every year. The main reasons for the rapid increase in demand for PSF are - inherent good qualities of the fibre, easy substitution over pure cotton and the premium fetched by blended yarn in the international markets. PSF is an attractive substitute for cotton and also complement cotton through the production of blended yarn.

The percapita consumption of PSF is 8 kgs in India, which is 22 kgs in US and Japan.

PSF prices ruling in the country by February 2005 were Rs. 80,000 per ton by the domestic manufacturers and USD 1,220 per ton in the international markets. The global demand for PSF is 11.6 million tonnes, which is expected to grow at 6% per annum. In the next 10 years, China is expected to double its polyester staple fibre capacity from 5.2 million tonnes now. During the same period, India is likely to add a million tonnes to its 7,00,000 tonnes, while Indonesia and Vietnam are expected to add 200,000 tonnes each.

China is the main market for PSF with demand growth of 7% per annum. In 2004, its share in the global market for Polyester staple fibre was around 47%. This is expected to rise to 57% by 2014.


Plant capacity
Basic cost of the
Total Project cost
10,000 tons per year
1.00 million
1.75 million
20,000 tons per year
1.60 million
2.50 million
30,000 tons per year
1.90 million
3.00 million

India & China have huge markets for crumb rubber, steel cords and nylon cords. On the other hand, shredded tyres are available in large quantities from Gulf, Europe and America @ Rs. 2 - 3 per Kg. The pay-back period on the entire investment is less than 3 years.

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