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Corn (Maize) is one of the staple food for human beings. It is rich in nutritive components such as protein, oil and carbohydrates. With the advancement of technology, corn is finding innumerable food and industrial uses by separation of its components. In the process of wet milling of corn, a number of co-products such as starch, protein powder (corn-gluten meal), corn fibre, corn germ oil and corn-steep liquor are obtained, which can realize the full use of corn.

Corn is processed through wet milling. The process employs the techniques of grinding, screening and centrifugation to separate purified starch from fiber, oil and tightly bound protein.

Starch is the main product of corn milling, which is a very important industrial raw material used extensively in food, in chemical industry, in pharmaceuticals, in paper making and in textiles. More and more products are being developed, based on corn starch and its uses are becoming wider and wider.

Down-stream products of corn starch -

1. Glucose, maltose dextrin / dextrose,       oligosaccharide etc.

2.       Modified starches.

3.   Fermented products like Alcohol, Glycerol, Yeast, Mono-sodium glutamate, Lysine and some amino acids, Citric acid etc.

4.       Starch degrading plastic etc.

Corn slurry (corn steep liquor) can be used as nutritive additive for fermenting industry in addition to its use in the feed industry after drying upto 50% to replace molasses as a binder and as a nutritive supplement. Corn germ is one of most important by product in corn starch process and can be used to produce corn germ oil, which is high in poly-unsaturated essential fatty acids, with numerous health benefits.

Products & capacity -

Production capacity


150 tons of corn per day x 300 days per year



Corn starch-30,000 tons per year



Corn slurry - 3,600 tons per year



(or Corn steep liquor with dry material content 43%)



Corn protein powder- 2,400 tons per year (or corn gluten meal)



Germ cake




2,880 tons per year



Corn fibre




5,280 tons per year

Brief manufacturing process -

1.       Corn cleaning -

Corn cleaning section will remove impurities such as iron, sand, stone, stem etc.Corn is cleaned with pre-cleaner, de-stoner and magnetic separator through bucket elevators.Clean corn is weighed and pumped into soaking system with water and H2So3.

2.       H2So3 (Sulfurous acid) preparation

H2So3 is prepared by sulphur.Sulfur is burnt toproduceSo2,whichisabsorbed with absorption tower to produce sulfurous acid, by two-grade absorption method.H2So3 preparation equipment is composed of burning stove, sublimer, cooler, absorption tower, water pump and fan.

3.       Corn soaking and concentration �

The purpose of soaking is to change the structure and physio-chemical properties of corn endosperm, to weaken inter-linking strength of corn, and to remove the soluble materials and restrain the micro-organism from growing.

More than 8 soak tanks are needed for the process. Soaking time is 48-60 hours.After soaking, dry material content of dilute corn slurry is 5 � 9 % withpH of 3.9 to 4.1, which is concentrated to corn slurry with 40% dry material content.

4.     Corn grinding and germ separation �

Corn after soaking and concentration is transferred to de-stoner and to buffer hopper.Corn is then transferred into first degerm mill, where it is broken into 4 � 6 parts & the content of complete corn is not more than1%.Here, 75 � 89% germ can be separated.


Broken corn is transferred into first-grade cyclone separator.The separated germ is transferred into water system, other material from the separator bottom is transferred into second-grade de-germ mill and corn is broken into 10 �12 parts.

Slurry material through second time grinding is sent to second-grade cyclone separator.Top material separated is re-sent to the first-grade germ cyclone separator and slurry material from separator bottom is transferred into fine milling section.

5.     Fine milling section �

Dilute slurry material obtained after separating germ is transferred to the sieve, where starch is separated.The overs are transferred into impact mill (or pin mill) for fine milling, in order to free the starch coupled with fibre.After fine grinding, the slurry is transferred to the fibre washing tank.

6.     Separation and washing of fibre �

In the pressurised sieving system, residual fibre is separated from the starch by several times of washing in counter-current flow.

7.     Protein separation �

In the rotary filter separating machine which operates on vaccum, protein is separated & then dehydrated.The protein material is finally dried by tube drying machine.

8.     Washing, dehydrating and drying of starch �

The concentrate starch solution from the disc separator is dehydrated by blade centrifuge upto 50 � 60% concentration.The wet starch is further dried into air current drying machine to meet the moisture requirement of commercial starch, before packing.

9.     Washing, dehydration and drying of germ �

Germ separated from first-grade cyclone separator is washed through 3 grades of seives and then dried to about 5% moisture, which is a good rawmaterial for producing corn germ oil.It can also be directly sold to the feed mill units as a source of oil.

10.     Drying of dilute corn slurry �

Dilute�� corn��� slurry��� with��� solid�� material content of 7 � 9% is transferred into evaporating system and concentrated to solid material content of 45-50% and sold as culture nutrition solution for fermentation industry.It can also be sold as a feed material to replace molasses or blended with wet fibre.

Requirement of utilities to process 1 ton of corn �


2 kgs


4 cubic meters


160 KWH (units)


1.60 tons

(at 6 Kg/cm2 pressure )


The complete plant for processing 150 tons of corn per day into various products mentioned above costs Rs. 4 crores from China and the total project cost will be Rs. 7.50 crores. The pay back period is less than 3 years.

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